CDN is an early intervention agency featuring professional, family-centered, play and relationship-based, individualized early intervention services in natural environments.


CDN is dedicated to the belief that children who are at risk for or who have special needs can reach their greatest potential with the help of early intervention services.

Goals of Child Development Network

  • Encourage appropriate infant and toddler development through individualized assessment, education and professional support.
  • Support the parent/caregivers in developing skills to encourage their child’s greatest potential.
  • Provide relationship based early intervention, recognizing that the child‘s ability to grow and develop starts with responsive and healthy early attachments to parents and/or caregivers.
  • Respect and acknowledge each family’s individual culture, ideas, goals, values and priorities.
  • Foster each family’s independence in being an advocate for their child in future services that the child may need.
  • Maintain effective communication and collaboration with all members of the Early Start Program, including other agencies involved in serving each of the children and families we also serve.
  • Abide by state and federal legislation as it applies to the Early Start Program and early intervention in general.